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Creative Garden Labels You Can Make!

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With a bit of thrift and an unlimited supply of creativity, you can make garden labels out of hundreds of household items. To make identifying your plants and vegetables that bit easier and much more fun, read on to get tips and ideas for your own creative garden labels. Clothes pegs markers These kitsch markers … Continue reading

How To Make a Miniature Botanical Garden

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Botanical gardens are the pride and joy of many cities throughout the world. For centuries their scientific intrigue and natural wonders have given the public an accessible connection to nature. But what if you could capture the magic in your own garden? Maybe you’ve been seduced by exotic plants or are thrilled by the challenge … Continue reading

Do I Need Planning Permission For a Log Cabin?

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Building a log cabin in your garden is easier than you might think, especially when you stick to the guidelines concerning planning permission. You’ll be glad to know, a log cabin can be treated the same as any new outbuilding such as a shed. Of course, there are rules to obey to ensure the local … Continue reading

How to Host a Garden Party

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Throw your friends a garden party they’ll never forget and you’ll be making memories for years to come. Though it’s easy to buy lots of buffet food, present it on the patio and light up a barbeque, here’s how to go the extra mile. You’ll even make the neighbours envious. What the heck, it’s summer … Continue reading

How to grow your own bonsai tree

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Growing a bonsai tree is often the first test of a true gardener. Though it will require care, attention and the right tools, don’t let that put you off. Bonsai trees are rewarding to grow in the home and will garner attention like no other plant you’ve nurtured before. So, let’s get started on growing … Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Compost

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Compost is the essential ingredient for developing fertile soil affordably. You only need garden and kitchen waste, and a few steps to make the organic waste decompose. The process is easy and the only problem you might encounter is finding adequate organic material that can make enough compost for larger gardens. Adding compost to a … Continue reading

Gardening: Basics Part 2

Posted on by

Let’s tackle gardening basics with a focus on some of the hardware that might help your gardening career along quicker. The beauty of gardening is that you really needn’t purchase too many expensive items to get started. However, if you’ve really got the gardening bug then investment in some larger ticket items are a great … Continue reading

The Benefits of Bugs in the Garden

Posted on by

Bugs are the best thing for your garden since salt on slugs – or tomatoes on the vine for our humane readers. They weren’t put here just to scare children and big children in adult clothes. They’ve got a job to do. Garden bugs are the refuse collectors, recycling enthusiasts and agricultural workers of the … Continue reading

Top 5 Gardening Hacks that Every Gardener Should Know Including You

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Life hacks, food hacks, love hacks, fitness hacks, property ladder hacks, IKEA furniture hacks, vanlife hacks, computer hacks. Travels hacks, marriage hacks, phone hacks, avocado hacks, money hacks, barbeque hacks, presidential election hacks, back pain hacks. Kids party hacks, car hacks, career hacks, nutella dispenser hacks and tax hacks.   There’s an incorrigible thirst for … Continue reading

Gardening: Basics Part 1

Posted on by

With spring right around the corner and April getting more showery by the day, now is the time to dive into the beginning of the growing season. Get out in the garden and you’ll reap more than what you sow. It’s been proven that spending one hour per week in the garden will improve your … Continue reading

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