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Gardening: Dealing with Cold Weather: Part 2

Posted on by admin.adtrak

Though February may be drawing to a close and the weather improving incrementally, this is Britain and here we’re used to ground frost as late as the beginning of May. You never know if you’ll be getting a warm sunny day in winter or a bitterly cold one in summer, so to protect your plants … Continue reading

How to encourage red squirrels into your garden

Posted on by admin.adtrak

How to boost red squirrel numbers has been a conundrum for British environmentalists for centuries now. The decline in the native red squirrel was noted as early as the 1800s and the incumbent grey squirrel has since planted a firm foot in British soil to the detriment of the smaller, sweeter red. It’s rare that … Continue reading

Dog Kennel Checklist: What Your Dog Needs in Their Kennel

Posted on by

Your dog is a member of the family. Heck, your dog thinks your family is the best wolf pack in town, so it’s only fitting you treat your pooch to the best kennel experience possible. In return, you’ll keep him or her happy, healthy and ready for anything. Kennels are a great addition to any … Continue reading

Gardening: Dealing with Cold Weather

Posted on by

Frosty weather may look beautiful but for gardeners, it’s a headache. Why? Because sub-zero temperatures cause untold damage to delicate plants and stunt the growth of trees and shrubs. It’s easy to spot plants that have been damaged by frost as they will become limp or blackened as the cells within the plant die. Similarly, … Continue reading

How to Become a Garden Volunteer

Posted on by

Whether you live in the countryside or the urban jungle, there are always opportunities to become a garden volunteer. It’s the perfect way to garden and socialise with other gardeners, without the stress of feeling as though you are gardening all wrong. To remedy that, there are always professional gardeners on hand to help. So, … Continue reading

10 Tips to Protect your Garden Shed from Thieves

Posted on by admin.adtrak

A shed can be any number of things. It can be a cosy retreat, a gardener’s best friend or just a very practical way to store a number of tools and camping equipment. Whatever your shed is to you, you’ll want to protect it, because if it’s worth locking inside a shed it might be … Continue reading

Gardening Tips: How To Keep Slugs Away

Posted on by admin.adtrak

Here are our top tips for fighting the good fight when it comes to slugs. There isn’t a single cure-all for preventing slug damage to your vegetables. You’ll need to use a number of these methods for it be effective but it’s worth it in the end. Keep your enemies close Learn about the different … Continue reading

How To Garden In A Small Space

Posted on by

Unlike Alan Titchmarsh, the average British gardener doesn’t have swathes of green and pleasant land to play with. In fact your garden might consist of a few potted plants on a balcony. If this sounds familiar, you’ll be glad to know you actually have one key advantage over the pros and it’s this: limitations foster … Continue reading

3 New Gardening Gadgets That Could Help You

Posted on by admin.adtrak

In August we sang the praises of moisture meters as the number one gadget to solve your over-watering/under-watering conundrum. Here are 3 more gardening gadgets that will get your blooms blooming and your produce nice and ripe. Bigfoot Overshoes We’ve all been in the midst of gardening only to hear the phone ring deep within … Continue reading

What are the gardening trends of the future: October 2017 & beyond.

Posted on by

We’re not talking about fads and fashions in the gardening world. This month we’re here to talk about some exciting statistics when it comes to gardening in Britain and Ireland over the coming years. The headlines are that the next generation of gardeners will be younger, more environmentally friendly and be proponents of the ‘grow … Continue reading

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